Again and Again

And again, I will put my trust in Him. Hebrews 2:13

Submitting to God and giving Him every drop of worry will happen again and again.

Over and over.

What?  Why?

Because we’re human and we forget, am I right?

Our minds are trained to worry when our future is unclear.

When life is as clear as mud, we worry.

When we don’t know what is going to happen, we automatically turn to worry.

 Almost every time.

I personally like to plan to the nth degree.  Yep.  I’m a details girl.

Plan the summer vacation in early winter, shop ahead for Christmas and birthday gifts, and meals.

Yes, I once was one of THOSE women who grocery shopped/cooked for an entire month all at once.  Even fruit?  Well no, and I never went as far as freezing milk either, but that’s another blog post entirely.

The point is this: far into the future, I like to know what I will be doing.

I like to be ready. Prepared for anything.

And yes, I was a Girl Scout.

I’m not huge on spur of the moment adventures, so the detour my life took was very uncomfortable.

Extremely uncomfortable.

Why? Because it was not on my radar screen.

And so the pattern begins.


Crying out to God, asking Him to take it away, to solve your every problem.

He is faithful and provides strength and peace.

Not necessarily solving the problem, just providing peace in the storm.

Worry creeps back. Fear enslaves you. Back to panic mode.

You remember God and ask Him again to help you.

He does and peace floods your precious soul.

Daily give your worries to God, again and again. It cannot be any other way.


Because I can guarantee you worry will creep back into your mind through vulnerable moments that uncover your hidden fears.

When that happens, and believe me, it will, purpose to fix your eyes on Jesus.

Thank Him for your incredible blessings which are proof of His faithfulness to you.

Thank Him for your lessons and how far you’ve grown.

When we go through the fires of life, we don’t come out unscathed.

We have scars.  Battle scars.

But those make us more beautiful.  More real.  More personable and relatable to others.

Even those of us with strong faith have days or moments when our hearts break for the smallest disappointment.

Our minds respond with human distress instead of godly wisdom or peace.

That’s ok.

Allow yourself that liberty not to be perfect.

But in those times, you must recognize that ungodly influence which wants to pull you back down into the pit.

Stand strong and whisper the precious name of Jesus.

Ask Him to relieve you of your burdens and worries.

God will reward you with peace. Sweet peace that passes all understanding.

In return, you must not allow your mind to keep returning to that dark prison of worry and fear.

Don’t entertain thoughts of doubt. Thoughts of worry.

You must choose life.

Trust. Again and again.

Ask God to help you plan your year, your day, each minute.

Ask Him what you should do with your time.

Every time a worry pops into your tired brain, pop it back into the arms of Jesus.

He wants it.  Again and again.

Photos by Caroline Hernandez, Samuel Schneider, Kelly Sikkema, Jon Tyson, Brian Lundquist, & Ryan ‘O’ Niel on Unsplash

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