Palm Sunday

Jesus is coming now.

He’s on his way to Jerusalem.

The center of Judaism.

His religious home on earth so to speak.

He’s coming to die for us.

Willingly. He’s literally walking towards his impending death.

He knew.

Yet He still came.

Nobody dragged Him to the city.

Nobody manipulated Him, tricking Him to actually arrive.

He came on His own free will.

He came for you and me.

Imagine His human mind, grasping the coming days.

Leaving His disciples for a few days, knowing what they’d see.

Feeling betrayed by one of His own disciples.

Trying to imagine beyond human capabilities the pain He would endure.

Walking through all this and more, Jesus still set Himself towards Jerusalem.

Are you thankful this Palm Sunday?

Thankful seems so insignificant in comparison to Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

Yet it’s a start.

Giving thanks to God for what He did acknowledges our need for His death.

And that’s what’s it’s all about.

He died for us because of our desperate need for salvation.

That’s why He kept walking.

Walking towards His death.

As you anticipate Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and the Resurrection, remember your need for His salvation.

It cost Him everything, but He gained you.

For that I am so very thankful. Are you?

Photos by Syd Sujuaan, Brady Leavell, & Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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