Recognizing Jesus

Would you have believed?

When Jesus walked the earth, would you have believed He was the Messiah?

Or would you have looked the other way?

Or, even worse, cast a stone in His direction?

We shudder at the thought, yes?

But we are here, over 2,000 years later, looking back.

We know who He was.

The Savior of the World.

Back then, the Jewish people had been looking for generations.

Yet their hearts were hard towards Jesus.

It was more of a miracle for Him to change their hearts then perform physical healing.

Immediate reactions included blasphemy.

Immediate reactions.

Thinking about the Jewish people, some of them believed.

Some saw miracles and believed, some saw Jesus teach and it touched their hearts.

But the majority seemed to not.

Jesus’ own home synagogue threw Him out.

So again, I wonder: what would have been our reaction to the Son of God walking among us?

I like to think we would have been forever changed, following Him to the ends of the earth.

But you never know. We’ll never know.

Jesus was not what the Jewish people were expecting.

Thinking about today, does Jesus’ plan for you look different than what you thought should happen?

Does His purpose for your life match your heart?

When He shows up in your life, do you recognize Him?

The more you become like Jesus, the more you will see His influence in your life.

Look for Him.

Ask Him to align your heart with the great purpose He has just for you.

Photos by Nighthawk Shoots,  Hugo Fergusson, Jon Tyson, & Ben White on Unsplash

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