Too Familiar

Are you used to Him? to God?

Meaning, the very fact that He is literally right with you does not bring you to your knees in awe?

I am, I’ll admit it. Too familiar.

I take for granted my daily devotions.

My worship time at church and home.

My multitudinous Bibles.

My job, which allows me to speak of His goodness whenever I wish.

I’m not saying that’s all a bad thing.

We should be used to God.

We should be so clothed with His presence and likeness others see Him not us.

We should be familiar with His word, His ways, and how He wants us to conduct ourselves.

But we must remain in awe.

In awe of His goodness.

In awe of His salvation.

In awe of Him.

May we pause to bow before Him, acknowledging our weakness made perfect only in Him.

May we humbly bring our requests only after thanking Him for all He does for us.

May we remember who we are in comparison to God, who created us and all things.

And may we recognize how much we continually need Him.

Thank you, Lord, for closing the separation from You to us through your son, Jesus.

May we remain always humble, recognizing our desperate need from our Savior each and every day.

Photos by Aliane Schwartzhaupt, Joshua Earle, & Alicia Quan on Unsplash

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