Jesus. He is all that you need.

He is everything.

He is the beginning and the ending, encompassing everything in between.

You will only win when you submit everything to Him. Jesus.

God created us. In His image, He created us.

Yet we sinned.

We messed up.

Remember Adam and Eve? It could have been us.

We would’ve been tempted just the same.

God created us for relationship.

Adam and Eve walked with God every day. Literally talking with Him.

Can you imagine literally having an audible conversation with God Almighty?

I would so love that.

But God saw how we messed everything up, allowing sin to enter our very selves.

God’s creation was suddenly separated forever from Himself, the very One who created us.

Yet, because of His great love, He sent His only son to die in place of us.

We must pay for our sins. And Jesus covers that for us.

Have you embraced your sinful nature?

Recognized your need for the Savior?

To spend eternity with God, you must acknowledge Jesus.

You can certainly live within yourself, denying God, Jesus, and your need for redemption.

Completely within your right.

But you will regret it.

When your earthly body fails you, you will meet your Maker.

And if you haven’t declared your need for a Savior, it will be too late.

You’ll forever live separated from life, health, and God Himself.

Turn to Him while you still can.

At the very least, consider the consequences if you are wrong.

What then?

Trust in Him.


He will NEVER fail you. Not ever.

You have everything to lose.


But it’s your choice. Completely.

Photos by Davide CantelliChris FlexenRod Long, & Tim Wildsmith on Unsplash

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