Wearing Him

How do you wear Jesus?

Does your face reflect His peace?

Do your eyes reflect His love?

Are your lips proclaiming His faithfulness?

Is your spirit praising His worthiness?

Is your mind focused on Him?

Aligning your will to His?

Wearing Jesus looks different from one person to the next as we are all created as unique individuals.

Since we are all created in the image of God, reflecting Him will ultimately look similar: peace, joy, love, and patience.

Do you invite Him to cover you with Himself?

Every day?

Each moment?

He will. We beg to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

That’s what He asks of us while soldiering on in this earth.

But that means more than having a servant’s heart.

More than thinking of others before ourselves.

Means aligning your very self with His.

Keeping a running conversation with Him, acknowledging His sovereignty.

And praising Him all the live long day.

Do you thank Him randomly for anything?

You should. Let’s start. Thank you, God, for the sweet air I breathe.

Thank you for the sunshine on my face and the coffee in my pot.

When you praise Him, the devil hates it.

He tends to run when hearing God’s name praised.

Hallelujah! The devil can’t run away from me fast enough.

Am I right?

Wear Jesus well. Show Him to the world. It might be their only glimpse.

Photos by Ben White, Mehdi MeSSrro, ReddNathaniel Chia, & Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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