Whispering Dark Thoughts

The demon in charge, whose name escapes me, is upset.

He’s a champion for the dark side.

Here is his rant.

I am discouraged. First the overturn of Roe vs Wade.

Good grief, it was so utterly easy deceiving Americans for almost 50 years now.

Guess we relaxed our efforts too much, thinking the law would never change.

Who would have thought those Christian prayers would ever really help?

I sure didn’t. Especially not after this long.

Time to work on the states. Surely most will keep choosing death. They think it’s a choice, but I know the truth.

What? The court decided coaches can now pray after a public school game?

On the field? In public? Like out in the open? Are they crazy?

Need to ramp up the violence. Let’s concentrate on the cities with less police protection.

What about the Christians? I’m not worried. I know how to get them.

Let’s take him over there.

I know him well. He looks spiritual, but underneath, he’s a mess.

He’s full of self-pity, one of my favorites. Tends to affect him every night about 7pm.

Becomes morose thinking of his family. I know how to stoke that.

Sometimes, he doesn’t crumble under the lies, because he prays, bringing the power of God into the room.

Not tonight. I got this.

Look – he’s thinking of his family. I’m going to plant a doubt, telling him they don’t care a whit about him.

Neither does his wife. Good. He’s quite upset. Perfect.

Let’s keep going, as this is quite fun.

I’ll whisper, ‘You’re nothing. You’re old and it’s almost over anyway, so what does it matter…’

Haha, good. He bought it. Closed his eyes and tried to escape.

He’s done for the night. Who else can I torment? Time’s wasting.

Now we will peak into his evening as the demon in charge, whose name escapes me, determines the next assignment.

“Who’s got her?” shouted the demon in charge, whose name escapes me.

“I have her, sir,” answered a tiny demon with a large voice.

“Excellent, #2”, replied the demon in charge, whose name escapes me.

“Want me to apply the usual tools, sir?” asked the tiny demon with the large voice.

“Yes, #2. Full report when you are done,” answered the demon in charge, whose name escapes me.

Running to the girl, demon #2 assessed the situation.

He saw her sitting at the table, heads in her hands. It was late. He saw no one else up.

“Fabulous!! She’s staying up past her children and husband. She’s all alone, ready for my thoughts,” declared demon #2 with a large voice, although he whispered not wanting to disturb her.

Whispering into her head, demon #2 said, “You’re right. No one ever cares. Certainly not your family. They couldn’t care less about you. You might as well leave. Would they even notice your absence? They could live totally fine without you. You are not needed. You are useless. You are stupid.”

Sitting back, demon #2 witnessed her reaction. While the words began to take affect, she started to cry. Confirming the lies from demon #2, she agreed with his words, blowing her nose from the tears, which were beginning to flow from her weepy eyes.

The angels were stirred. Immediately, they circled her, knowing her heart and loyalty to God. They began to whisper God’s truth, combating every lie from demon #2.

Demon #2 sat up, scared. “Crap, they are negating my lies.” Immediately, he began to whisper more lies into her head.

Suddenly, the girl was aware of two trains of thoughts entering her head: the angels and demon #2.

Burring her face into her hands, demon #2 thought he had won. He started to celebrate, a smile erupting on his ugly face.

All of a sudden, the girl yelled, “NO.” She began agreeing with the angels, opening her bible to read. Her lips declared the name above all names, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

Demon #2 shrank back in fear, recoiling from that powerful name.

Immediately, he ran back to his nest, more comfortable among the evil comrades.

“Back so soon?” asked the demon in charge, whose name escapes me. That demon was certain of demon #2’s triumph.

Shuttering in fear, demon #2 replied, “Sir, she was helped by the angels from On High. They came and I didn’t know what to do. She began agreeing with them. And sir…she even declared that name. Jesus.”

“NOOOO,” cried the demon in charge, whose name escapes me. “Next time, I will personally accompany you. We must not let that girl out of our grip. She’s too important. Her mission from God MUST be accosted no matter what. Do you understand me?” He roared in anger.

And that ends our story. Demon #2 went on to worry about the next assignment. The demon in charge, whose name escapes me, went on a giant rant for a long time, certain to pull out all stops the next time he could encounter the girl.

The girl remained in her home, unaware, or partly aware of the spiritual battle swirling around her. Knowing she needed to remain whole, she began to pray deep in her heart, wanting to remain always loyal to Him, deciding from then on to listen closely only to His voice.

Are you loyal to Him? What might the dark side say to you when visiting your thoughts? Will you choose to believe God’s truth today and always?

Photos by Chris Barbalis, David Gabrić, Duncan Sanchez, Timeo Buehrer, Noah Silliman, & Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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