Slamming Open Doors

How often do you slam doors God has opened for you?



What does it look like when we slam a door opened by God?



All points back to us, wanting to be in control.

Thinking we know best.

Better than anyone else, including God.

A thought pops into your head to initiate a conversation with that one person.

You refuse the thought because it’s too hard.

Your dream job comes across your desk, but you deem it unavailable as you are past your prime.

Your family becomes distant while you are distracted by selfish gain, ignoring what you know you should do.

Marriage communication stalls as choices to spend time elsewhere grow with importance, because you know better.

But what if those were God’s whisper to you?

Why was prayer not the first point of action upon realizing the nudging of God?

Why decide apart from God without asking Him?

Doors are opened all the time by God.

As we choose how to spend our time, we either focus on our needs or what God wants for us.

Submitting to God with our whole self enables us to walk through doors God has opened for us.

Sometimes they don’t make sense.

But your spirit finds rest in the decision, knowing God is directing you.

Submitting requires humbleness.

Realizing you have zero wisdom apart from God Himself.

Doors can be big or small as each decision differs in size.

Dating the right person, choosing friends or jobs or homes all rank large on the door scale.

Choosing how to spend your time or deciding to talk with a stranger at the store are smaller doors.

Yet they all matter.

When you let God flow through your decisions, you’ll walk through His open doors, ignoring the doors He closes.

Humbly remember He is your everything.

Yet walk confidently as His beloved through the doors He opens.

Still unsure? Confirm those big doors with trusted loyal Christians. People who seek God on your behalf.

Again, requires humility to seek the wisdom of another.

Big or small, don’t ignore the hand of God. He regularly opens doors for you to further His kingdom.

Often we walk right past, distracting ourselves from His very plan for us.

Honor your commitments. Seek God’s will for your short life. And walk boldly into the future He has for you, through the doors He opens just for you.

Photos by Denny Müller, Beto Galetto, Jan Tinneberg, & Roberto Huczek on Unsplash

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