Hope for the World

Christmas means hope.

Hope for our redemption.

Without Christmas, we have no hope.

No hope for heaven as mere Gentiles.

And the Jewish law was incredibly hard to keep perfectly.

Christmas is our celebration of Jesus’ birth.

His birth ushered in a new era of hope.

Hope for our broken world.

When Jesus came, the world was steeped within itself.

The Jewish people were waiting for the Messiah.

But when He came, many did not believe.

In fact, they crucified Him as an imposter.

He didn’t look like what they expected.

What has God done in your life?

When He answers your prayers, does it look like what you expected?

Is it possibly different than you thought?

Ever feel convinced your answer isn’t God since it looks different?

Keep pursuing Him.

God’s heart poured out on Christmas Day when His Son was born.

His Son, Jesus, was born for you and for me.

He was born to fill the world with the hope of salvation.

And God’s answer to the world looked different than what His people expected.

What type of hope do you need this Christmas season?

Is it material?



Jesus came to bring Himself into the world.

He came to sever the barrier between God and His people.

He came to crush the neck of Satan.

And He did all of that and more.

Look upon the baby Jesus, sleeping in the manger.

Think about the hope we now have because of Him.

Thank our Father for sending Jesus, keeping us in His thoughts.

God wants the very best for you.

The very best was sending His only Son.

Jesus is simply everything.

Because of Him, we have hope for all things.

Which is everything.

Thank you, God, for pursuing us.

We are incredibly grateful and forever in debt.

May we remember Your hope that spilled at Christmas.

May we remember Your defeat of Satan as you rose from the dead.

And may we always keep You close within our hearts.

Photos by Max Beck, Tanner Mardis, Greyson Joralemon, Yannick Pulver, Inbal Malca, & Sebastian Fröhlich on Unsplash

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