That’s the new name I have for the devil.



Because I’ve come to a sudden realization.

Satan literally wants to destroy me.

All of me.

He wants to keep me stuck within the boundaries of fear.

He wants to remind me of my failures, which are many.

He wants to keep multiple rejection memories on the forefront of my mind, building more when he can.

He wants to tie my hands, believing there is no more hope with my family.

He wants to fill my mind with doubt, fear, and anxiety.

And, hello!

Satan wants all of that for you, too.

Satan is out to destroy us.

All of us.

If he succeeds, then our witness for God is negated.

Because God has already won, Satan can only do this one thing.

All Satan can do is destroy our witness on earth, so we are unable to bring more people with us to God.

And let me tell you – he will try as hard as he can.

He will stop at nothing.


Because he has absolutely nothing to lose.

News flash:

Satan’s already lost, so he is dripping with greed, desperate to take you with him.

You and as many people as he possibly can.

So what is your response?

Will you let him destroy you?

Slam God’s sword into the ground, and say NO.

When you ask God to infuse you with Himself, He will enable you to stand firm.

And with God on your side, Satan literally has NO CHANCE.

He will not destroy you.

Instead, God will free you to bring others to Himself with you.

What an honor.

Photos by Michael Dziedzic, R.D. Smith, Stormseeker, & Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

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