Hurled Upon

Insults, heard or implied.

Words that bring death.

When sitting near these toxic fumes, there’s not much we can do.

Especially when directed towards us.

They can explode out of nowhere.

Suddenly covering you with filth.

Covering you with filth you believe.

Covering you with lies you begin to agree with.

All from insults hurled towards you.

Like an arrow piercing your soul, words can carry death.

While they can carry death, the arrows don’t have to deliver death to you.

It’s your choice to accept the lies or not.

Your choice to keep the painful arrow stuck where it hit.

What is your other choice?

To yank it out, immediately forgiving the sender.

Impossible in your own strength.


But that’s where God comes in for you.

When you ask God to cover you with His feathers, He will protect you.

Literally, He will.

Emotionally, and spiritually, He will cover you.

Protected by God, arrows will still come.

They will be hurled at you with frightening speed.

But – by choosing to ask God to keep you whole, you won’t absorb the arrow’s poison.

Sure, it will try to pierce your soul, spreading it’s toxic substance.

And until you are trained to immediately refuse with God’s help, it could hurt.

Even for awhile.

But every time you yank out the arrow, God’s peace will dispel the poison.

Even heal your wound.

But you must ask Him every single time.

And as you retrain your reactions to insults, God’s feathers will become stronger.

So strong, the arrows will fall away as they bump you.

Who are you going to believe?

An insulting arrow filled with someone’s jealousy, selfishness, or evil intention all filled with lies?

Or who God says that you are to Him?

Choose to remember Whose you are.

Choose to remember Who your Father is.

The One who desires to protect you from everything evil.

Humble yourself, and ask Him to protect you.

Protect your mind, body, soul, and spirit from anything not from Him.

Apart from God, we can do nothing, especially avoiding arrows filled with poison.

Psalm 121:7-8 reminds us that God will keep us from all evil.

He will even keep our lives.



Even more – He will keep our going out AND our coming back now and forever.

There’s nothing more we could possibly need.

Hurl away, people.

We’re ready.

Photos by Laura Crowe. Lindsey Duce, Gioele Fazzeri, & Denise Johnson on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Hurled Upon

  1. amylinnea Armor, Dear Amy, You might not remember me. I am Aunt Kathi in California .Following you for years. Learned much at your mom dad’s fellowship.  Before I get out of bed each day, I put my armor on. It is real. Recently people verbally attacked me. Cursed me. One mentioned involvement with psychics. I warned her. Deuteronomy 18. I was gentle I thought.  Just one scripture. Her response was horrendous Careful, she cursed me, accused me, she said  a follower of satan. I was heart broken. Felt my heart would break. BUT I had my armor on. Roman’s says ” Bless those who curse you” so that is what I did. You cannot receive  that blessing w/o being cursed. If I had my armor on, why am I heart broken? Weeping for them. Please forgive them. Thank you Jesus, by the Blood of the Lamb.  Nothing of me. All of Jesus. Happened to David. Happened to Jesus. Will happen to His children. A time to rebuke & a time to endure. For His glory. When I take my walks. almost every time I find a feather I laugh.  Dwelling, abiding under His wings. Bless you. He is preparing His people. The weak, the foolish, the base, there am I. To God be ALL the glory. I am almost 88 years old. Never once has He let me down. In His Name, Aunt Kathi 


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