When all the noise is stripped away, what is your focus?

In the dark of night, what grips your soul?




Or Jesus?

In this world, we will have trials.

But Jesus.

In this world, we will struggle.

But Jesus.

In this world, pain will come and go.

But Jesus.

Jesus has overcome the world and everything in it.

All our trials, struggles, and pain are piled at the foot of the cross.

What has removed your focus from Jesus?



Our country?

Jesus knows the beginning from the end.

What better to focus on then the author of all life?

Look at your mountain.

Now look again through Jesus.

Looks manageable now, doesn’t it?

Trials are real, but Jesus is bigger.

Struggles are exhausting, but Jesus is bigger.

Pain can be excruciating, but Jesus is bigger.

But Jesus.

Jesus is over, under, and beside all things.

All of the trials, struggles, and pain.

Refocus on Jesus, purposing only to trust Him with everything.

Your past, present and future.

Photos by Brady Stoeltzing, Michail DementievMatteo Grando, & Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

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