Psalm 62:1


Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1

Summers are for rest.

At least for teachers.

We plan summer projects and accomplish home things, but we are in rest mode.

We become like old farmers, driving the truck on a country road.

Not in a hurry.

Or like old Southerners, shooting the breeze on the porch of an old store, chatting with anyone and everyone.


Because we can.

Do you have periods of rest?

Days or seasons when you can even forget what day it is?

Yes, it’s important to accomplish things when you have more time to spare.

But don’t forget to simply be.

Allow your mind to rest as well.

Disconnect from social media, emails, and the news.

Close the door to all the noise.

And rest.

Unfortunately, my summer has ended.

The rush has returned.

But even so, take time to rest.

Fill yourself up with God and His peace.

And take the time to rest.

Photo by Blake Meyer on Unsplash

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