What is the longing of your heart?

The deep down longing?

To win the lottery?

To get married?

To make it through the day?

How bout to know God?

To know the living God, who made ALL things?

He wants to know you.

In fact, He already does.

Inside and out.

All those ugly things you don’t like to talk about?

He already knows.

All those deep dark fears, thinking you’re really not good enough?

He knows.

He sees your future fears.

He sees your past regrets.

He sees your broken heart.

He sees everything.

And you know what?

He still loves you.

Not only that, but He longs to have a relationship with you.

Jesus longs to fill your voids, canceling your debt upon your back.

Sometimes Christians keep their burdens.

We know we are saved, but we hold onto the things we regret.

We hold onto the things we wished were different.





We hold onto it all.

But guess what?

God knows it all.

Every little thing.

And He still wants you fully as you are.

Come unto Him, lay down your everything, including that secret fear you’ve held for your entire life.

Might be scary, but it’s worth it.

Know why?

Because God, who knows the beginning from the end, will take your fear and hold it for you.

He will hold it.

When He holds it, it becomes love.

Your fear becomes perfect, because God is perfect.

He rights wrongs.

He cancels sin.

He creates beauty from ashes.

What are you waiting for?

Run to Him.

Submit, and give Him EVERYTHING.

In return, He will give you His peace.

His perfect peace.

There is nothing in this world that compares.


Photos by Vadym Lebedych on Unsplash

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