How much do you value other people?

Enough to care about them past, “How are you?”

Do you really want to hear something other than the usual “Fine?”

If you do, you show your friend value.

Let’s go deeper.

How much do you value your spouse?

Do you ask them what they need from you to fill their hearts up?

And then when you ask, do you actually try to follow through?

If you do, you show your spouse value.

Maybe instead, you take them for granted.

You take their love and service as nothing.



Well, it’s now time to wake up.


What if today was your last day?

How would you show your spouse value then?

Guessing it would be more than you do now.

Valuing your spouse is not hard.

It’s asking them how they are and actually listening without distraction.

It’s seeking to know them, wanting to connect.

It’s asking what they need from you to fill their hearts.

And then following through not once, but from now on.

Because you value them.

People recognize love in different ways.

Your love language might not be your spouses.

Ask them.

And then act.

Only in our selfishness can we possibly neglect the beautiful gift set before us.

God blesses us with spouses.

Treat them like the gift they really are to you.

And your gift will be returned to you a thousand times over.

Photos by Helena Lopes, Jamez Picard, Aung Soe Min, & Alex Iby on Unsplash

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