Needing God

God, I need You.

I need Your strength.

Mine is all gone.

I need Your love for others.

Mine is all used up.

I need Your peace.

Don’t have any on my own that lasts more than a second.

I need Your love for me, too.

Mine is all gone.

I need all of You.

Because all of me is used up.

Fill me anew with You.

Cover my ugly shivering self with Your arms.

I need Your safety.

I need Your protection.

I need Your security.

I need You.

You are always faithful.


In every single thing as long as I ask You.

You’re so gracious, You also let me live in my own self if I bow to my selfishness.

But I choose You.



Absolutely, I choose You.

Fill me up with all of You.

Only then will I begin to hope again.

Only then will I have strength to keep going.

Only then will I be as I should.

Photos by Tony Eight Media & Ben White on Unsplash

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