Come Unto Me

“Come unto Me,” is from Matthew 11:28.

Reading further, Jesus is asking you to come to Him, giving Him your burdens.

In exchange, He will give you rest.


But you must come unto Him.

Boiling it down to one word, it’s an imperative command.

Not a statement or a question, but an action.

An action required of your own free will.

Jesus cannot drag you.

Your friend cannot drag you.

Your parents cannot make you.

You must come to Jesus on your own.

If you go to Him, giving Him everything, He will give you rest.

He will enable your mind to be full of Himself.

Full of peace.

It’s so easy to tell Him, “Later”.

But later always becomes much later, or maybe even never.

Why don’t we go to Him?

Because we want our way.

We want our foul mood.

It all points back to self.

God wants to make you a better version of yourself.

A way better version.

Superior, in fact, to anything you can come up with on your own.

When you go to Him, He will change you.

He will change your desires into wanting what He wants.

Continually go to Him.

On a daily basis.

Every time you find yourself in a less than stellar situation, go to Him.

Go to Him and drop it at His feet.

He will give you peace.

Perfect peace and rest.

Photos by Allef Vinicius, Kent Pilcher, Matthew T Rader, and Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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