Attracted to Godliness


Are you?

Attracted to godliness?

Or are you enamored by the things of this world?

Enthralled by power, status, money, and things?

Do you desire goodness or do you selfishly want whatever toots your horn?

Is your first thought the service of others or do you want others to serve you?

Are your needs first or are the needs of others above yours?

When you are all by yourself, would God himself be at home by your side or would you be covered in embarrassment at your actions, thoughts, or attitudes?

Deep down, do you cherish God’s opinion, or do you want to feed the hunger of your flesh?

Are you attracted to godliness?

Or are you living for yourself?

Think a moment.

And repent, knowing it’s impossible to be completely attracted to godliness aside from the grace and strength of God Himself.


Photos by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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