Today’s Redemption


Jesus died for our choices.

All of them.

He died for our attitudes.

The good, the bad, even the ugly.

He died for our selfishness.

Every single bit of it is covered by Him.

By His holiness.

He died for our pain.

He died for our tears.

Good and bad, He paid for it all.

In full.



Redemption will come when we die, but folks, it actually begins now.

As you lay your burdens down at His cross, Jesus takes them as His.

He takes them upon Himself.

He literally takes your burdens and sins as His own.

He takes it all, exchanging them for redemption.

Exchanging them for His peace.

His perfect peace.


His death provides a relationship here and now.

A real relationship with Jesus.

More than spending eternity with Him, Jesus wants His death to bring you to Himself here on earth.

When He died, the veil between heaven and earth was torn forever.

Originally, He created you for a relationship with Him.

Remember the Garden of Eden?

God talked with Adam and Eve every day.

Sin marred that forever, but Jesus’ death cancelled sin’s debt.

Jesus can now be as close as you want.

Or as far as you want.

Remember, He give us our own choice.

He wants your trust for eternity, but also your trust for today.

And tomorrow.

He wants to fill you with His perfect peace.

As you meet Him at the cross before glorious Easter morning, leave your burdens.

Let Him take them completely away.

And receive His peace.

Surrender yourself, allowing Him to fill you with His new life here and now.

For now and always.





Photos by Alicia QuanDylan McLeodRod Long, Marco Allegretti, Joseph Barrientos, & Allen Taylor on Unsplash

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