How is it?

Your appetite for God?

What’s on the menu?

Heart sugary with a side of forgiveness?

Worship and thankfulness?

Gut wrenching prayers?

Pleas for change?

Or have you been skipping meals?

Ignoring your appetite for God?

Maybe you have a snack once in awhile, whispering a prayer here and there.

Sure way to lose the weight of God’s influence.

His blessings.

His peace.

When one’s appetite for God is healthy, the body is strong, resisting easier Satan’s taunts.

However, the opposite is also true.

When we indulge on worldly gain, ignoring the meat of God, our bodies rarely resist the devil’s temptations.

Even worse, when those worldly gains eat up our time, it always becomes more and more and more, never really satisfying.

And God becomes less and less and less.

Where are you?

Where do you fall on the menu of God?

If you have fallen into the circle of poor diet, stop.

Decide today no more.

Open Psalms and begin again.

Grab that pen and begin to journal all God has done for you.

Pray earnestly, seeking the face of God and His will for you and your loved ones.

And do it again the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

Your strength will grow and before you know it, you’ll be craving God more than the world.

Then, my friends, you’ll know you’re appetite has changed.

For the better.



Photos by Bundo KimErik McleanStella de Smit, & Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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