Are you aware that others are watching you?

Watching you react in this life?

Watching you respond?

Are you aware?

As Christians, we are a witness for God.

We are a witness either for God or against Him.

When we, as Christians, respond with love for others, serving them and meeting their needs, we are the face of God.

When instead, we, as Christians respond with selfishness, wanting the best for ourselves, we are also a witness of God.

But when we respond with selfishness, we mar His face.

Placing God in a negative light.


Where do you frequent on a weekly basis?

Do waiters look forward to your visit or try to avoid serving your table?

Ever asked them about their day?

God is love.

And as Christians, we are full of His love.

We should be spilling Him out everywhere we go.

When we leave a space, it should be better then when we entered.

Better because we have determined to be an honorable witness for Him.

He has given us this life.

He has also given us a charge to make disciples across the earth.

How many people have you come across on this earth today?

Create a desire in others for God through your witness.

With His help, create that desire.

Don’t destroy it instead.


Photos by Josh HildSwaminathan JayaramanClaudio Schwarz | @purzlbaumNick Cooper, & Emmanuel Maceda on Unsplash

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