How is God known?

Through the things that don’t make sense in our lives.

Through the trust we show when the next step we cannot see.

Through His grace demonstrated in us each and every day.

Through His love poured out from our fingertips to others.

Through His peace we feel while tossed to and fro.

Through His forgiveness we give to those who’ve deeply hurt us.

Through the giving we provide to those who lack.

Through the servant we become when thinking more of others.

Through the prayers we pray and the answers that surprise us.

Through the deliverance of trauma, healing the holes left behind.

Through the wisdom we have when asking God for help.

Through coming out on the other side of life’s trauma.

And living, not dying from it.

God is known through our Bible reading, our praying, our worship, and our very lives.

Each and every day, God is known through the big and small things.

How well do you know Him?

Well, I hope.




Photos by Marlon LangoniH A M A N N, & Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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