Greatness does not lay in the office one holds.

Greatness does not exist in the way a person looks or what one possesses.

Greatness pours from character.

Excellent character.

Character that produces servant leadership, stirring the will to follow, bringing others alongside.


Greatness does not exist apart from God.

Apart from God, we are not great.

Humans can do good things, yes, but on our own strength, our good things fall flat.

Flat as a pancake.

Greatness lies within all of us.

It’s there, waiting for God to call it forth.

Sometimes, God calls it out of us, asking us to walk on higher ground.

To walk above it all, carrying others alongside.

In order to be used by God,

In order to be called into greatness, we must submit ourselves to Himself.

Submit ourselves to His will for us.

Not think of ourselves first and foremost.


Coming from DC last week, George Washington comes to mind.

His humble servant heart was called into greatness by God.

God used him to orchestrate our great country.

Think of the consequences if Washington had said no to God.

Had instead secured himself into the safety of Mt. Vernon.

What would our country be like today?

Would America even exist?

Submit yourself to God and see where He takes you.

Even if it’s influencing your immediate world, His greatness will be noticed.

The greatness God wants to call you into may or may not rise to the level of our founding fathers, Billy Graham, or Amy Carmichael.

But it just might.



Photos by AMY MECHAM on Unsplash

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