How are you listening to God?

Are you even listening?

Or are you talking to God, demanding what you wish to be…?

We all have plans in our head of how we wish life to unfold.

We all have ideas of where we’d like to go in this one life.

Ever think about what you pray for?

Do you spend most of your time asking God for things?

Showing Him your laundry list?

How much time do you spend praising Who He is?

Reminding yourself of the absolute awe you should feel?

Or listening?

How much time do you spend silent, listening to His whispers to your heart?

In life, the rule is to listen more than you speak.

How about in prayer?

We should listen more than we speak.

Listen to the heart of God.

Yes, ask Him for His provision, protection, and peace.

But devote most of your prayer to listening.

If you’re too busy talking, you might even miss your answer.


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