Point of Life


So, what is the point of life?

Why are we here?

What is our purpose?

I’m asking because I’d really like to know.

Do you ever feel as if it just doesn’t matter one bit what we do?

We can pour years into a marriage and they can up and leave or pass away.

We can pour our very life into our children and they can grow up and walk away- from you and every value you placed into their heart.

Sneakers on a Pier with Sunglasses

I’m wondering about material things too.

Yes, I love a nice place just like you…

But it’s all completely temporary.

I think back to my size 4 self who thought it wasn’t enough.

5 pregnancies later and my mom body will never recover.

I can work hard for yet another masters, because I love education.

But I can’t take that with me either.

My only thought about this age old question of ¨what really does matter¨ is this:

It’s not about us.

Our desires.

If you look at my list up there, you’ll see it all points to me.

When we focus on ourselves, when we put all of our life eggs into the one basket of self, we will be disappointed when our basket of eggs is broken.

Or if our basket looks broken, yet is not, because it doesn’t meet our standards.


So why did God even create us?

For love.

For Him.

If we focus on God and what He wants us to do, we will be content.

From the balcony of heaven, will it matter the color of my dining room?

Will it matter if I drive the car of my choice?


How can God use us for His purposes so we can be content?

To give hope to others.

To heap love, too.

We live in a broken world.

But God’s redeeming love surpasses all else.

His never ending mercy and undeserved grace creates security.


When people have no hope, they don’t feel safe.

When people don’t have love, they have fear instead.

And they’re not content.

So, what is the point of life?

To generously love others through the power of God.

If we can minister God’s love to others, we will be content.

Ask God who you can bless.

Ask God to be His vessel through which His love can pour out onto His children.

Because the one thing you can take with you to heaven is a friend.




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