To regain.



God is our Redeemer.

He exchanges our sinful selves for a pure soul worthy of heaven.

Nothing we can do on our own merit.

It’s through trusting in His saving grace.


He redeems our souls, but what about life here?

Does He redeem our situations?

Can He?

Is He able to pick up our mess and exchange it?

Does He make all things new in His timing?


God is not only the Redeemer of our souls, but He is also the Redeemer of our lives here on earth.

He recovers lost years.

He helps us regain our strength.

Our trust.

He exchanges our brokenness for new life.

When tragedy strikes, He is more than willing to redeem our situation.


By trusting Him.

By placing everything back into His precious lap.

By remembering His goodness and believing He has the very best for us.



To me, it means new life.

New breath.

New opportunities.

He has exchanged my sadness for joy.

Ask Him to do the same for you.

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