Witness God

When faced with complaining, you have an opportunity to witness God’s power.

We cannot behave properly without God, so we must allow Him to work through us.

Disgruntled situations provide freedom to let God move.

But only if we choose to respond with life.

Most of us choose darkness or crabbiness when life smacks us in the face.

When that response feeds our flesh, poison is spread and God’s peace slips away.


What if we responded with love,

with grace,

with the wisdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit within us?

What if every moment of disappointment was covered with desiring God’s purpose,

His love,

with His grace and mercy?

What if we looked at every distressing situation with the opportunity to experience God’s sovereign help?

To experience God’s power changing us from the inside out?


We have the option to let God work through us.

Each time He does, we are covered with a layer of His mercy and love.

When we choose to bend our ear to His wisdom, He responds with heaps of Himself.

I know it’s not fun to witness disappointment.

But instead of wallowing in self-pity, choose life.

Think about how you now have yet another opportunity to trust God.

To trust your precious Savior who wants what is best for you.

And when you trust Him, He fills you again with His perfect peace.

So the next time disappointment stares you in the face, think instead, “Oh sweet relief!  Here comes more of God to blanket my soul.”

Then choose to depend on Him to keep your attitude holy.


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