Your Precious Little Heart

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. John 14:1

I find this funny.

Funny like haha, yea, right.

Oh wait – is God serious?

How can I possibly ignore life’s troubles?

Well, God didn’t say ignore life’s troubles…

Just don’t let my heart become overwhelmed with them.


How in the world can I do this?

I’m still searching for a job.

My child’s faith is lost.

Sometimes my heart still mourns the child in heaven.

My……… (insert anything you could possibly worry and fret over).

Now take a breath and listen.


God knows.

He really does.

He knows and He is above all of it.

He will lead you down the right path.

He will pour wisdom over your brain and quiet your soul.

He will fill every corner of your body with peace.

But you have to decide something.

To let not your heart be troubled.

Trust God will take care of it and you.

Trust, and God will be faithful to fill your mind with His perfect peace.


Photos by freestocks & Joice Kelly on Unsplash

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