Sprinkles on Ice-cream


Why not?

Have sprinkles on your ice cream?

It’s way funner.

Ok, more fun.

Or how about using your grandmother’s dishes every day instead of only on special occasions?


Life is meant to be lived.

Not watched from the sidelines.

Put on that cute dress as you waltz through Target.

Dance to car tunes as you wait in the carpool lane.

Serve fresh chocolate chip pancakes to your sweet daughters on their last day of school.

Buy some amazing flowered to adorn your table.

For your regular everyday dinner.

And for heavens sake put sprinkles on your ice cream.

Full disclosure: we eat our sprinkles outside

as I abhor finding sprinkles on my floor

as you all know most of them never land inside the bowl

or find their way into the mouth of the child

who wants those sprinkles.

I call it sprinkle sanity.

Perfect balance.


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