Rising From the Dead

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

Not literally rising from the dead.

I’m talking about spirit crushed, gut wrenching grief.

When you are overcome with grief from the very depths of your soul and you cry until you cannot cry anymore.

That kind of dead.

Times like those are when you feel like dying yourself.

Life really doesn’t matter anymore.

What’s the point of living when life is so gut wrenchingly painful?

Or maybe you’re dead in other ways: spiritually, emotionally, selfishly, or you’ve become callous towards life.

What’s a person to do to gain freedom from these prisons?

Turn to Jesus for healing.


Sounds simple enough.

But here’s the catch: you must reach out to Him.

He gives us free choice.

We can choose Him or not.

God wants to free us from a life or season of pain, but we have to reach out our hand to His forgiveness and love.

His healing touch.

Remember the man in the Bible with the withered up hand?

Jesus healed him.

But first the man had to stretch out his hand.

The man had to take the initiative.

He had to choose to obey.

Jesus said, “Stretch out your hand”.

As soon as the man did that, Jesus healed him.

Set him free.

So we have a choice.

Do we want to rise from the dead things in our life or not?

Do you want Jesus to fling wide the doors of your prison walls?

Just ask.

Be willing to do the work of whatever He asks of you.

And He will be faithful to heal all of your wounds.

How fast?

Not sure.

But I can promise you God will be faithful to you.

He’s done that with me over and over.

Sometimes I walk right back into those prisons.



But every time I ask, every time…God shows up and frees me.

Every time.

Photos by Eric WardJames Cousins, & Floreser on Unsplash

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