Does God ever confuse you?

Leave you baffled?


Or do you make sense of everything He allows?

I don’t.

I can’t possibly make sense of some things.

So I’m left in a confused state.

Left until I decide to trust in God once again.


God surprised us with a gift.

A baby.

The promise of new life.

I was anxious then thrilled once the idea settled into my mind.

But two months later – poof.

Everything changed and I found myself in a puddle of tears.

Longing for the baby I was beginning to know and love.

Why, God?

Simply why?

Sometimes God allows things and we cannot possibly figure out all the answers.

And when we question, that’s ok.

As long as we look back and are reminded of His faithfulness.

His goodness.

kneeling prayer of kid


I have learned a few things though.

He showed me unconditional love.

He showered me with love from my family, friends, and precious husband (who has the patience of Job).

He reminded me how He is ultimately in control.

And He reminded me not to worry, because He’s got this.

He’s got everything.

He knows the beginning of my story to the end.

My entire life is in His hands.

And He’s got yours too.

Your life is precious to Him.

And He loves you more than you could possibly imagine.

Trust Him with your entire being.

Like your life depends on it.

Because it does.


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