Already On Its Way

Since God has our back and He knows our every thought…

our every need…

our every heart’s desire…

Did you ever think about the fact that His help is already on its way?


Before we even think of our need.

Before we bow our knees in prayer.

His answer is on its way.

Coming at His perfect timing.

Not our timing.

But His.

Unexpectedly wonderful things.

Redeeming us.

Bringing us blessings in all the right places.

He sets things in motion before our first prayer is uttered.

He knows the beginning from the end.

If your heart truly rests with the heart of God, you can be assured help is on the way.

It’s been coming ever since God thought of it.

Which was a long time ago.

He knows all things.

He knows what is best.

And He loves you like crazy.

As you pray and trust God’s provision, be looking for that help to come.

And smile.

Because its already on the way.

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