Whispers of Doubt

You’re so not worth it.  

You’ll never get it right.  

Life will always be one chaotic mess, so why try?  

He doesn’t really love you.  

You’re ugly.  

You’re boss is simply waiting for a chance to fire you.  

You’re parents don’t care.  

In fact, no one cares.  You’re nothing.

Whispers in your ear.  We’ve all heard them.

Lies whispered into our very heart and soul.

Pure lies.

Lies from the pit of hell.

Yet we believe them.

Looking at them in print, they are rather shocking, aren’t they?

Are they more believable as thoughts?


They shouldn’t be.

Lies are lies in whatever form they take.

You shouldn’t believe every thought that marches into your head.

Match up the whispers with the truth.

Are you worth it?

God says you are.

You are so worth it, He died just for you.

Will your life eventually calm down?

Not until your kids grow up and move away.  (Smile)

Is God faithful?  Does He promise to carry you through life, giving you the desires of your heart?

Absolutely! – if you trust Him.  And He is so very good to us.

When you start believing the whispers of doubt, your trust waivers.


Whispers of doubt are common.

Too common and before you know it, you are doubting the very path God has placed you.

Before you let the whispers carry you into the pit of despair, marry them with the truth.

Find your list of blessings God has faithfully provided.

Choose to focus on those.

Purpose your mind to acknowledge God and refuse those whispers of lies.

Set your mind to remember God’s truth that you know deep in your heart and those whispers of doubt will dance away as quickly as they came.


 Photos by Bruno Kelzer, Paola Chaaya, Nadine Shaabana, & Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

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