Why is it that little things can send us crashing to the floor in utter despair?

If we are so dependent on God, little issues shouldn’t even phase us.

Frankly, we shouldn’t notice them.

But we do.

Life is absolutely full of disappointments and we must take each one with a grain of salt.


 Expectations are a double edged sword.

On the one hand, we are full of happy anticipation.  Yet at the same time, we can crumble in an absolute instant when what we thought would happen never even materializes.

How can we be happy one minute and sad the next?

How is it that our emotions are that ridiculously unstable?

Relying on human strength.  Forgetting that God is in control and the author of all things.

How can we possibly forget that?

It’s unfortunately too easy.

Following Jesus, surrendering to His perfect will is a constant process.

Dying to ourselves is constant.  Never ending.


Here’s the good news: if we remember God is in control and He has our back, then we can take disappointments in stride.

What does it matter if things don’t go our way?

What is our way?

Is it God’s way?

God is not at all surprised by life. He’s seen it all and knows the beginning from the end.

Relax and take each disappointment in stride.  Recognize life will be full of times that don’t go our way.


Pray about your day before your feet hit the floor.

Remember how much God loves you and wants to help your every move.

Next time you begin to swallow disappointment….the next time your eyes are tempted to well up with tears, beg God to intervene and replace your fear with hope.

That’s what disappointment really is at the core – fear.  We fear (fill in the blank) will never improve or will always rear it’s ugly head.

Notice the words never and always.  Kinda inflammatory, isn’t it?

But that’s how we think.


Look at things from the prism of everlasting life.

From the balcony of heaven, will it matter?

No, it won’t.

All disappointment is significant to us.

But truly, in the grander scheme of life, does it matter?

The next time you are faced with a moment of disappointment, turn it into a smile of expectation.

God is saying no to something so He can say yes later.

And if He has our back, if He wants the very best for us, and if He has a plan, then why not dare to smile.

Later is ok.  Later is best.

According to God, it is.

2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. This makes me think of the lyrics to a song…”If I never had a problem, I wouldn’t know that God could solve them. I wouldn’t know what faith in his word could do.” The song is “Through it all” by Andrae Crouch.


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