You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7

If you were the only person on earth, Jesus would have died for you alone.

He loves you that much.

When He created you, He smiled.

He created you exactly as He wanted. And He doesn’t make mistakes.

Don’t like your hair?  Your body isn’t just right?

Well, what actually is ‘just right’ anyway?

What standard are you using?  The ever changing worldly standard of beauty?

Because the world’s measure of beauty is completely unreliable.  It evolves with the changing of the wind.

One minute bangs are in, the next minute everyone is growing them out. Short skirts or long flowing gowns.  Skinny jeans or bell bottoms.  Flipped out hair or long straight locks.

You must be taller.


Well, there’s not much a person can do about that.

We can color our hair, slightly alter our bodies through diet and exercise, adorn ourselves with any type of cloth, but we can’t do a darn thing about the height God decided we should have.

Sure we can wear heels, and yes, I do love them! But heels are clothes.

There is absolutely nothing we can do on our own to alter our height.  We must accept how tall or short we are.

Are you more worthy of life and love if you are a certain height?


Are you worth more if you are a size 6 vs. size 12?

Absolutely not.

Yes, we must take care of ourselves, but your worth is not measured by the size on your tag or the numbers on a scale.

Don’t believe me?  You should.

Your worth is measured by God and He loves you very much.  He created you and you are perfect in His eyes.


Stop comparing your hair or body to others.

From the balcony of heaven it won’t matter what your jean size was.

Why waste a moment with our short time on earth obsessed with things that don’t matter in light of eternity?

Society has bought a lie that our outward appearance is everything.


And we are no different.

We pour our energy into making ourselves look better.

On the outside.

We waste hours and years comparing ourselves to an impossible standard and waste still more years being unhappy with the way we were created.

Completely unhappy.

And why?

We have tricked ourselves into believing our worth is measured in numbers.

Height.  Weight.  Dress size.  Shoe size.

No more.

Take back those years.

Purpose in your mind that you are loved the way God created you and you will no longer allow society to demand you change.

Hold your head high and love yourself the way God loves you.

The way God made you.

After all, God doesn’t make mistakes – His first mistake was not you.

Every time a thought pops into your brain of unworthiness or every time a feeling washes over you causing you to think you are not good enough, thank God for your healthy brain, arms that work, legs that walk.

Thank Him for your painted toenails, soft hair, and eyes that see.

Your curly eyelashes, soft skin, and precious hands.

Focus on how God sees you.

Perfect.  Loved.  Daughter of the King.

A precious jewel who was worth dying for.

Jesus took care of your eternal life.

Live like that matters.

And smile.

Because you are beautiful.


Photos by Ria Alfana, Saad Chaudhry, Tim Mossholder, Kelly Sikkema, & Ryan ‘O’ Niel on Unsplash


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