Jesus is our everything.

Our absolute everything.

Life will disappoint.

People, situations, even ourselves.

All will disappoint.

Instead, of anything else, just give me Jesus.

He is all that we need.

All we will ever need.

He will cover you with Himself.

When you are sad, He will cover you with His complete comfort.

When you are fearful, He will cover you with His perfect peace.

When you are angry, He will cover you with His tender love for others.

He will cover us, because He must.

He must cover us with His love and forgiveness.


Because we are sinful.


Thinking only of ourselves.

Jesus fills in the gaps others leave when they put us down.

Jesus fills in the gaps we leave when we put ourselves first.

Jesus fills in the gaping holes others leave whether intentional or not.

Jesus fills in the holes we give away when our selfishness overtakes our senses.

Jesus fills in everything.

He is our everything.

We are nothing without Him.

Thank you, Jesus, for covering us with Your forgiveness and love.

Continue to cover us every moment of every day as we choose to remain under You.

Photos by Maurice Schalker, Ron Binette, & Hannah Schulte on Unsplash

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