Something More


Within your life, there will always be something.

Something more to be unhappy about.

Something more to whine about.

Complain about.

Honestly, there will be always be something more to cry about.

Breaking your heart.

Am I right?

Comparing your life to others is usually the culprit.

One’s mood can crash to the floor if we allow a view into someone else’s garden to spoil the view into ours.


What is your view?

Isn’t it easy to compare?

When we compare, we become critical.

Critical of the other, delving into pride.

Or critical of ourselves, stooping into self-pity.

Gardens are all different.

Lives are all different.

In reality, even those who seem to have it all together, have their sinful secrets.

Their moments of crap, so to speak.

Enjoy the garden God gave you.

Investigate the new plants He has planted for you.

Water it and feast in it’s beauty.

Ignore the other gardens until you can gaze at theirs with absolute delight for them.

Delight for your friend’s garden.

If you find yourself unable to, remove all social media from your life.

Just for a season.

Remove it, turning your focus to Jesus and the garden He has brought to you.

Spend your new free time on your garden and Jesus.

Learn to appreciate it’s beauty.

And then stay off social media forever.

Or not.  🙂


Photos by fotografierende on Unsplash

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