When you think about what Jesus died for…

All that He died for,  what do you think about?

Big bad sins?

Like cold blood murder?

Armed robbery?



Or smaller sins?

Like selfishness?

Snide remarks?

Envy or jealously?

Or, gulp, pride?

Those bigger sins aren’t done all that often compared to the smaller sins you and I commit each and every day.


The Bible says a sin is a sin.

Meaning, all sins are equal before God as they are all not from Him.

In fact, sin is the opposite of His holiness.

Sometimes we think we don’t need God as much as that guy over there.

The guy who committed the bigger sin.

Once we think that, our pride sins and once again, we need the forgiveness of God.

When Jesus died for our sins, OUR sins, He died for all of them.

Big or small.

One or many.

Daily or even more often.

Jesus died for our choices.

He died for us.

He died for you.

All of you.

Photos by Michel Paz, Aaron Burden, & Ben White on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Sin

  1. Amen. It has always bothered me when people say things like I didn’t commit a big sin.

    God calls sin sin. There’s no such thing as little sin or big sin. I wish people stop saying it.


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