Miracles regularly plop into my lap.

Small ones or big ones.

It’s true.

Am I looking for them?


Am I praying for God’s hand in my every day life?


Am I listening for His voice so I can spread heaven’s love?


God can do anything.


He doesn’t need us, because He is God.

But He likes to use us.

He wants to show Himself through our willing hearts.


Is God working through your lips?

Is He using your hands?

Is your heart filled with His love so you can reach beyond yourself to speak into the heart of others?

If so, you’ll witness miracles too.


Life is a miracle.

I admit, I fail regularly.

But I’m learning.

Learning to listen to God.

His wisdom will help you in good times and bad- and every moment in between.

Tune your ears to listen.

And then do what our Savior requires of you.

Become His witness.

Let Him use your hands and feet to bless others.

And you’ll witness countless miracles, too.



Photos by frank mckenna , Jill Heyer & Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash

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