Still Loved


I am trying, Lord.

I am trying, yet I am failing.

It seems as if I am failing, yet I know I am not.

I am trying to be who You want me to be.

To everyone I love.

To everyone I meet.

To whomever You place in my path.

But I seem to fail more than I succeed.

My needs jump right in front as top priority more times than I would like to admit.

Why can I not keep You first in my life?

When I look at others, why do I let myself block the precious view of You?

You are in my husband.

You are in my children.

You are in my students.

You are in the lady at the corner market.

You have given me countless opportunities to serve You every day.

Yet, no matter how much I want to serve You in my actions, I fail.

Falling down to serve myself.

My needs first.

I will keep failing and be filled with disappointment when I do not keep asking You to fill me up with Your wisdom.

Your strength.

Your love for every person.

We only have one opportunity for each momentary interaction.

One chance to look at the other person and see You.

May You remind us to love others with Your love.

May You remind us to speak life into others with Your love.

May we bless others through Your love as You have blessed us.

May we see others as You see them.

Your precious child.

And may we see ourselves that way as well.

Loved by you, flaws and all.

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